JTWO Welcomes Editor Jesus Jimenez-Lara

Introducing Jesus Jimenez - Lara

We’re proud to announce the newest addition to our team Jesus Jimenez – Lara. A Temple Film and Arts graduate, Jesus has been brought on as an Editor to assist in the post production process. Jesus comes with a strong background in editing that dates back to his high school days where he and his best friend worked on a short web-series about a magical dumpster.

His imagination and passion for originality allows him to stand out in the creative industry, especially when it comes to his work in animation. Upon graduation, Jesus created a short film for his digital animation class which tells the story of a hypothetical world filled with monsters like Godzilla, King Kong, the mythical Kraken, and UFOs. His most recent work was an intro recreation for the FX original animated comedy series Archer. 

steven layton

JTWO Welcomes Editor Steven Layton

Introducing Steven Layton

We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our team Steven Layton. Steven is an Audio Engineer graduate of Rowan University and has been brought on as an Editor. His involvement in the creative industry dates back to his teenage years drumming for the hardcore/ metal band “Despite My Pride”.

Through his music career, Steven developed a passion for video editing while producing music videos for his band. He found that, like song writing, he was able to web an inspiring story together, only this time with picture.

steven layton

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a new ambient/alternative rock project that was created on opposite sides of the country, while Steven resided in NJ and Mitchell in LA. Composing this from opposite coasts posed some difficulty for the brothers, but ultimately helped echo the the album’s theme of loneliness. Through their coast to coast collaboration, the brothers were able to create a record that truly reflected the separate and complementary sounds of their surroundings as well as what it was like living a part from each other.