Bill – Delaware Valley University – Week 1 Blog

So there I was, at the end of my rope, looking for job experience…

I had applied to numerous places around Philadelphia. Places like, Center City Film and Video, Nancy Glass Productions, The Flyers, and I even went as far as to reach out to freelancers offering to work for free. And I got a lot of replies of interest. The Hiring managers would always reply with available positions and then would follow up with the question, “What are your interests?”

I would tell them, “Production, specifically cinematography. I have aspiration of being a DP.”

And they would reply, “We’ll be in touch for an interview.”

Then I’d never hear from them again, and this was the pattern…until I searched for “Video Production Services” on google Maps, and found JTWO. And as soon as I explored their website, read up on their background, and did some casual stalking of the staff. I knew that JTWO was the kind of place I’ve been striving to work for, and it had exactly everything I’ve been looking for in an employer.

Needless to say, you obviously know what happened next because you’re probably reading this. And if this happens to be the first blog entry you read. ALSO READ THE OTHER ONES! Not reading the other blogs is like finding the book with all the answers to life and saying,  “Psh, I don’t need that. I got shit figured out.”

I promise you. You don’t. That’s why you’re an intern.

And the first few days of your internship might feel slow. As they will consist of you sitting with a laptop going through JTWO U, which will bring you up to speed with JTWO’s…I’ll call them SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). And if you start to feel lonely, don’t worry, Nova will make sure to keep you company, and Griff might show you some interest…if you’re lucky.


Once you’ve gone through JTWO U (and I’d advise you to get that shit done ASAP if you want to start working) You’ll probably hit the ground running. For example, the first project they gave me was a Reel for Emmy winning broadcaster and JTWO business partner, James Brown a.k.a. J.B.

This required me to sort through A LOT of footage, and skim that footage for good soundbites, and interesting video, and then cutting it all together. And yes, there was a deadline. So basically no pressure whatsoever.

So be prepared to fucking work, that’s why you’re here. And I’m here to help you be prepared so here’s a list of tips

  1. Have notetaking gear i.e. a pen and notebook.
  2. Read the Fucking Blogs. They are kept so Interns know what to do.
  3. Educate yourself, if you don’t know how to do something i.e. Google it or find a Youtube tutorial.
  4. Justin can be aggressive, he’s a perfectionist, don’t take his criticisms has insults.
    He will push you to be better.
  5. Travis is very organized, so make sure your project folders are organized i.e. make sure your music goes in the music folder, and not the audio folder. Audio is for recorded camera/mic audio.


6. When it comes to your “Organize Me” test. Sort your files first by clicking “Kind” in the upper right corner of the file browser window. Then drag your corresponding files into their folders i.e. Cuts (Cut_01,Cut_02) and Final Cuts always go into the Master folder.


7. Travis also mapped all the keyboards in office to use Final Cut hotkeys in Premiere Pro. So if you like to work fast, keep a cheat sheet if you don’t already know them.
8. If you hit a wall on your project, collaborate.
9. If you don’t know where to start with an edit. Create a sequence for all footage, cut it, and start moving parts on to your first cut. Let the story construct itself.
10. DON’T GET BUTTHURT. You’ll probably fail at something, and you’ll know when you do. Don’t throw yourself a pity party. Just learn from your mistakes and keep moving.