The Lab is where we test everything from launching new companies to creating new initiatives or simply working on projects that have no earthly purpose other than the fact that we love them. This is where we succeed. This is where we fail. This is where we grow.


The Projects That Matter Initiative

In 2010, we launched The Projects That Matter Initiative as a way of using our talents to give back. Since the launch we have worked tirelessly to provide Non-Profit Organizations with cost effective solutions to share their stories with the world. We have shot Campaign Films in India and Brand Films in Africa, Documentaries in Haiti and Award-Winning Features across the United States. Some of our biggest projects have been because of the The Projects That Matter Initiative  and we are just getting started.

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FullCircle Intermedia

When you grew up loving sports and filmmaking as much as we do, there was only one thing left to do…start a sports company that combines them both. So we partnered with some of the most talented people we know like Emmy-Award Winner and CBS/Showtime Host, “JB” James Brown and hit the ground running.

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The [INC]ubator Project is a semester long internship program built from the ground up to give young filmmakers, content creators, and all around hungry for a challenge individuals a place to stretch their creative minds while preparing them for the road ahead.






A daily delight turned into a hobby and subsequently transformed into a pursuit of perfection.

Our own Jim Pettit has been a coffee drinker since his early college days but after his Kona and Maui experiences during his honeymoon, he returned with a few bags of whole coffee beans and never looked back. This required a purchase of a grinder. Silly him at the time but he selected a blade grinder which is intended for spices and subsistent coffee. Jim soon learned a generic blade grinder wouldn’t cut it (no pun intended). Then came the research, three high quality burr grinders, a French Press, a Chemex (for pour overs and Japanese Iced coffee), an electric kettle with a temperature gauge (because coffee must be brewed at 205 degrees Fahrenheit), an electric scale for precise coffee measurement, and an entire espresso outfit and custom-made coffee bar (as photographed).

One of Jim’s best friends, Tom, a coffee and overall beverage enthusiast, pushed them to learn and experiment with small batch roasting. This required patience, a lot of Reddit reading (r/Coffee and r/Roasting), and a wide variety of green bean sourcing from the best coffee bearing regions across the globe to earn these two the coffee roaster titles.

Jim has roasted over a thousand batches and hundreds and hundreds of pounds (#s) of coffee for himself, his lovely wife Tia, friends, Extreme Camping friends, family, and near and far customers. This provided the impetus for him and Tom to create the brand, Tour Coffee Mavens. Their logo is a backpack symbolizing travel, exploration, and experience and to them that is actually what real coffee is. Their next project is to complete a custom drum roaster operated inside of an outdoor propane grill. This will enable Tour Coffee Mavens to produce 28X more beans in a fraction of the time.

Over the past 5 years, Jim and Tia have traveled the globe (Costa Rica, Hawaii, Europe, the West Coast, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand to name a few) to explore diverse cultures, capture incredible photographs, and of course to drink amazing coffee. For Christmas one year, Tia designed a traveling coffee kit using a lightweight suitcase from Costco and foam inserts so Jim can bring his French Press, grinder, kettle, scale, and some freshly roasted beams anywhere they go. Jim was convinced outstanding coffee wouldn’t be in striking distance during their travels to Ambergris Caye, Belize – boy was he right. So he brought his coffee kit and roasted fresh Central American beans and brewed fresh coffee for him and Tia in their beachside bungalow.

Coffee has many capabilities and derivations which excites Jim as he continues to perfect his craft and explore other coffee making methods and processes. French Press is his daily go-to but he also enjoys espresso-based drinks such as a Long Black and Flat White as well the delicious and now very popular Cold Brew (he prefers a 16 hour steeping period).

Jim has aspirations to open up a decadent, yet welcoming coffee shop (inspired by fantastic coffee roaster store fronts in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco) on the East coast. Tour’s differentiator would be not only its primo coffee but it’s capability to roast fresh, diversely brew, and educate their customers on the entire coffee process (from seed to cup) and its profound impact on the world.

Stay tuned as JTWO will most likely have a story to tell with one of its own.



Our Graphic Designer, Monica Grevera, is more than just a designer – she also double as an aspiring photographer with her boyfriend, Josh Kaz. They call themselves MOJO Snaps and you can see their work on Instagram @MojoSnaps