Midway Point

I was talking with Brittany in one of the editing rooms and she was mentioning how she was working on her week six blog and it dawned on me how fast the time here has gone. A lot of that is attributed to how easy it is to get along and work with everyone here in the office. Working at JTWO has given me a lot of chances to exercise my skills as an editor and work as a production assistant on a video shoot. The first project that I worked on had some elements that made it challenging, the element that I thought made it most challenging was mixing all of the sound. The video revolved around a voice over, I had everyone including the interns recite the script to make the video more exciting. Once I completed the video I was satisfied with the over project.

Keeping everything in perspective, managing going to school, the internship here at JTWO and filming skateboarding in between made getting around to school work very challenging. One decision that I am happy to say I did was dropping one of my video classes at the community college. It gave me more time for doing school work because the video class was always at night. This gives me more time to spread myself in more places, creatively at JTWO and cognitively at the Community College of Philadelphia.

The next six weeks that I can look forward to at JTWO seem quite promising in the perspective of projects. I was assigned to rip all the James Brown related DVD’s (large cardboard box filled with DVD’s) and I am looking forward to the smaller projects that get thrown my way. I am mostly excited to get more experience with shooting on the cameras that are available here in the office. I plan to use the JTWO University website the get familiar with the cameras on a technical standpoint and to get used to working with them. At school I have been getting more in depth with understanding audio and ways to work with sound. My teacher is very insightful and is interesting when it comes to lectures. Getting experience with lavalier mics and boom mics will benefit me here at JTWO as well as with my own personal projects. Incorporating quality audio is a very important part of a production and is something I wish to exercise later in the future.