Week 1 Blog

“Perfection in any film comes from storytelling.” This is what my Documentary Professor said to me in the very first week of her class. After directing and producing a documentary-short during my first semester of senior year in college, I felt passion and motivation like never before. The excitement of building relationships with people, sharing their stories, and unfolding it to an audience who can relate, was an experience that would change my life forever.

In my last year of college, I decided to apply for internships at production companies within the greater Philadelphia area. After searching on EntertainmentCareers.net, I noticed a company hiring video production interns. Before applying, checking out the website would be the first move. As soon as I Google searched JTWO films and clicked enter, the first link was their website reading “JTWO: We are storytellers.” My fresh cup of coffee would then sit there for the next hour as I dived into JTWO’s website.

Immediately, I applied via email to Jelani, and he responded back to me for an interview opportunity. The next week, I had a great conversation with Jelani at JTWO but at the same time I was nervous more then ever. Soon after I received another email from Jelani, and spoke with Travis. Next thing I knew (after battling with my school on dropping classes and filling out paperwork to get intern credits) I got into JTWO!

Everyone in the JTWO building greeted me with a smile, and they all treat you like you are a person. Not like a robot from what all my other friends went through at an internship. Anyway, that same day, Jelani handed me some audio gear and I was able to learn the basics. The best way to learn in this industry is to do everything physically, and that’s what JTWO really focuses on.

Later in the day, I was finally able to meet Justin, and one of the first things he said was, “After this internship, you will know whether or not you can handle being in the film industry.” Right away I knew that there will be a lot of assignments and tasks ahead, but he delivered a positive push towards me. He tells you how it is and the reality of the film industry. Be prepared and prove yourself.

During the process of this internship, I want to learn as many aspects of film as I possibly can. My biggest weaknesses would have to be editing and audio. But overall, learning how to exceed in a higher level of storytelling, being able to wear any type of hat on set, and pushing my limits is what I hope to gain out of this experience at JTWO.