Caitlin Riggsbee - Final Blog - The University of the Arts

Like I said in my first blog post, I’ve had a lot of internships. And though I’ve figured out how to start them, and how to succeed in the midst of them, ending them is still a weird, sort of surreal experience. On one hand, your time is coming to a close, so you have to wrap up any outstanding projects you have; on the flipside, life doesn’t stop, deadlines don’t freeze, and work just doesn’t stop coming down the pike. The goodbye becomes especially difficult when you’ve had an unbelievable time working with, and learning from, the people you’ve spent the past several months with.

Here’s a little bit of wisdom I have to impart on anyone who wants to work with the guys and gals of JTwo, no matter the capacity: these dudes are tough, and they’re tough because they care — about your project, about the work they deliver, about your story.

When I first started my internship with JTwo, I remember being struck by how often I saw or heard the word “storyteller.” My initial thought was “well, yeah. I know that. I know how to be that.” But it wasn’t until recently that I realized how fitting that word is for what we do here. For clients, everything we do is in service to their story. For interns, the work they give you — the ways they push you — are all designed to impact the way you tell the stories you come across as a filmmaker, but also mold the way you tell your own story.

12 (ish) weeks later, JTwo has become an essential chapter in the work­in­progress that is my career. This internship has permanently altered the way I see myself, the way I see my work, and the way I see myself going.

Back to goodbyes: I’m not particularly good at them. When I was younger, I ended a lot of internships by wrapping up my work for the day, and waving goodbye, as if I were taking a long weekend. As I matured, I realized this was a bizarre way to go about it — I’ve improved over the years, even if it’s still a somewhat awkward dance. I’m not embarrassed to admit that as my time as an intern drew to a close, I thought about today, my final day, and how I would go about saying goodbye to everyone — I like everyone here, so I didn’t want their last impression of me to be unfortunate.

Thankfully, the end of this internship doesn’t mean an end of my relationships with Justin, Travis, Jelani, Crista, and Mika (and Nova and Griffy, clearly). My internship is ending, but my relationship with JTwo is just shifting. I’ve learned and grew so much during my summer with JTwo; I can’t wait to see how this next chapter shapes up.