Caitlin – Week 6 Blog

In elementary school, I had an art teacher who, when we inevitably told her how quickly the class had passed, would tell us “that’s just how time works when you’re having fun!” That’s a very relatable quote right now.

I’m having a lot of fun — I’m also working harder than I ever have in an internship before.

I think that the most interesting part of this industry is also the most challenging aspect of it — every project is an entirely new experience. The tools you’re using are essentially the same, but you’ll never face the same difficulties twice. That would be too easy.

In the past six weeks, I’ve faced many challenges from the mundane to the mildly terrifying. I’ve worked on a crazy big set where we ran out of water, so I ventured out into Camden searching (in vain) for any store that was still open; I’ve fought back tears, listening to parents talk about the unimaginable experience of dealing with a deathly ill child; I’ve rendered my many a media folder un-­understandable (much to Travis’ disappointment); I’ve stepped in front of the camera; I’ve shot/reshot, and edited/re­-edited, my PSA more times that I can count. It’s been a bumpy ride so far, but I’m too excited about where I’m going to get hung up on every little ding.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.24.05 PM

That is the benefit of doing something like this. Despite what many people think, this isn’t an easy industry. It’s long hours, and tough clients, and putting your heart into a project only to have it not be good enough. It takes that unique combination of skills and passion to not just make it to the end of the day, but to excel. My skills are improving, and with each day I’m only more confident that this is what I’m supposed to be doing.