LISTEN UP INTERNS! You have almost made it but you’re not out of the woods yet! We have one more challenge for you as a group. The Interns Wanted Challenge will give you a taste of what to expect for your individual [INC]ubator Project. Take a moment to watch the past Interns Wanted videos to get a sense of the style and feel of these spots. You will have free range of creativity for this video so make sure to use all of you skills and resources. Lastly, ask questions! If you want to get some of the JTWO crew involved in the pre-production, production, or have questions about how your ideas would work in post production don’t hesitate to ask!

Now that you have watched over the videos, take some time as a group to brainstorm your creative ideas for your Interns Wanted video. Keep in mind that once you have your creative ideas of what you would like to eventually flesh out, look over the Pre-Production checklist so you understand how much homework will need to be done prior to pitching it to your internship supervisor.

When you as a group have settled on your final concept you will then create a pitch deck/storyboard to present to the JTWO Crew. Once you get the green light you have 2 weeks to present the final video.

The Interns Wanted Video should be :30 – :45 long. Think outside the box as we want it to show your creative side. Also, keep in mind that this video will be a marketing tool on our social media platforms for potential future interns that come after you! At the end of the day we want you to create something you will be proud of so you can take it with you after your internship is finished.