JTWO Week 12 Blog Entry: Andrew Meyer – Internship Reflection

Looking Back

When I first started my internship here at JTWO my thoughts were in the state of small production company, when that is really just what I needed in an internship. I realized that anywhere else I would most likely be doing coffee runs, making copies and doing very little of what I wanted to get experience doing in the first place. I really enjoyed working in an environment that had a non-profit feel to it. Getting the opportunity to intern at JTWO films is a must for filmmakers who learn best  through hands on experience(which is really the only way to learn this stuff in my opinion). I personally had a fair technical background from using the software and cameras in my free time prior to the internship so actually being able to use and tune those skills and getting feedback from everyone on the JTWO team was a huge asset for me.

Looking Forward

The future seems brighter, all thanks to JTWO. This summer I hope to find some freelance work shooting and editing on the side of the internship that I am starting in april. I am still pursuing a Digital Video Production major at the Community College of Philadelphia and am looking to eventually transfer to Temple University.    

To JTWO Staff & The Intern Team of Spring 2016

We made it! 12 Weeks at JTWO Films creating, collaborating, laughing, criticizing, and striving. I am going to miss working with everybody from the staff to my fellow interns Brittany and Pat. A very important part of any internship is making connections to new people and I definitely found that here, and not to mention making new friends. Whether we had our noses in separate projects or working together I felt nothing short of  camaraderie. I am sure our paths will cross again and I can’t wait for them to.