Leo – University of Pittsburgh – Blog 1


After the second interview and my acceptance as an intern, I was excited to start my days at JTWO and not only demonstrate my knowledge of video production but also, more importantly, learn how it is to work in a unique environment while furthering my video production skills in every aspect possible.
JTWOu provided me with a strong foundation as to what JTWO stands for and what they expect out of interns. I was guided through the basics of video production and tested on each aspect. However, I didn’t find most of the tests to be too challenging; for me, the file sharing system is the most complicated thing I’ve been shown so far. The fact that JTWO keeps their files so organized lets me know that they mean business.

Leo Chalhoub

As I write this on my fifth day here in the midst of completing my first assignment, a one-minute documentary on Bill, a fellow intern, I think about how much I’ve already done and how much more lies in store for me in the upcoming weeks. I’m looking forward to working with everyone here and getting acquainted with everyone at the office even further.