Pat Meehan – Temple University – Final Blog

I’ve been staring at this blank white screen for hours, commanding my fingers to type like I’m Bruce Almighty, but, nada, zilch, zero, nothing. The cursor flickering every half second, a subtle reminder that my time at JTwo has come to an end. I’ll try to keep this light as my tears are swept away, doing my best to avoid the laptop keyboard; that would be a helluva way to go out – destroying their computer. All kidding aside, as I sit back and reflect on my 12 weeks here, seemingly nothing has changed. The Philly weather continues to play menacing tricks on our psyche, causing its inhabitants to be inherently skeptical and distrusting. I have an umbrella and shorts in my backpack at all times. The Sixers have increased their win total from 5 to 9…in 3 months. Solid average of a win per month, gotta love Philadelphia sports! Enough on the sports disgraceful landscape, I’ll let handle that, the rest of this blog is meant to show where I started from and where I am now; how I have growth professionally and personally with so much help from the JTwo team.

It’s hard to write down what exactly I’ve learned, this industry is not a concrete science. It’s complicated. Decisions are made with raw emotion, literally the opposite of what they teach you in business school, where decisions are made using data and hard evidence. Creative decisions are messy, never cut and dry and rarely met without resistance. I’ve learned to be protective of my creative vision and for god’s sake, make sure to have a reason behind your creative decisions. Most internships are valuable in that they provide you a talking point to discuss during interviews, seldom do they mold your future or give you the assurance to pursue your dreams. Like I said, I’m trying to keep this light, but it’s important to emphasize that my time here has given me confidence, confidence to compete, to defend my ideas with conviction, despite my lack of formal education in the film industry. This was such an atypical internship, no coffee runs (although I did replace the water jug multiple times, so I expect to be compensated accordingly), no “watch and repeat” mentality. Jtwo’s philosophy is simple: just do it. Unfortunately, that slogan is already taken, although I have a feeling Nike stole it from us! That’s right Phil Knight, I will see your ass in court! A philosophy that was foreign to me: to disregard the laundry lists of reasons why not to do something and just go out there and %(@$* do it.

I want this blog to serve as a testament to Jtwo and its employees rather than a running dialogue of my impending depression. I have so much to be thankful for over these last 12 weeks, I’ve learned so much, made lasting relationships and most importantly: I did it. I succeeded. Or, everybody I work with is just fantastic at lying directly to my face. I strongly encourage the six or seven people reading this to take a leap, if this is something you have always wanted to do, just do it. So there it is folks, my last hoorah. I struggled with a way to end this post powerfully, luckily I have been in school for the better part of two decades so here it is: it’s been fun.

Remember that writers block I talked about? Unable to write anything of meaning down, I had a lot of time to work on my meme game. (WARNING: meme game is v v strong.)

My everyday approach to work: