Ask, Listen Learn asked us to concept, write and produce Public Service Announcements (PSAs) featuring Olympic Gold Medalist  Summer Sanders along with Attorneys General from 21 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico aimed at helping educate parent’s on how they can help their kid’s say “yes” to a healthy lifestyle and “no” to underage drinking. As a mother of two, Summer is avidly aware of how important preventing underage drinking is and was thrilled to join Ask, Listen Learn, a program that the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (, a national not-for-profit dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking , developed alongside a team of educators and organizations specializing in middle school-aged students.

The Project

The PSA’s were filmed in Washington, DC over the course of one day with the post taking place during the month of March in order to launch the projects during April’s Alcohol Awareness Month in each of the Attorney General’s individual states. The PSA’s were written and directed by our Principal Creative Director, Justin Jarrett.

The Concept

We have been working with FAAR and the dangers of underage drinking for a few years now, but this project was different.  It was one of the first projects where we worked with their Ask, Listen Learn initiative which had a slightly different tone in comparison to along with the fact that we had strict filming restrictions due to scheduling and locations which we had to factor into our concept proposals. We also had to find common ground between Summer and the various Attorney Generals. We landed on a concept we called”Progress” which was aimed at positively encouraging Parent’s to keep up their efforts in simply starting a conversation with their children about making responsible decisions. We wanted the PSA’s to be straightforward and focus on the message while also educating parent’s on the tools at their disposal.

The Result

Within 30 days we filmed, produced, and delivered twenty-three videos for both web and TV. See some of the results below!

Behind the Scenes

23 PSA’s in 5 hours….need we say more?

This project was made possible through our Projects That Matter Initiative.  The Projects That Matter Initiative is a Philadelphia based video production program with the mission of  providing professional digital media services to Non-Profits at a discounted rate. To learn more about how your organization can join the initiative and qualify for creative content production discounts click below.