More often than not, we are a one stop shop for most of our clients. We concept, write, and create creative campaigns, but then also have the bandwidth to create all of the content to back up our ideas.

A great example of this was our recent work with leadership development and sales training company, c.i. squared. They are brought into Fortune 500 companies such as SAP and Johnson & Johnson to help train and develop executive level employees. When they first came to us they thought that even though their training techniques were cutting-edge, their supporting marketing material was a step behind. Our job was to change that through a company rebrand.

C.I. Squared

Our story guru, Mika Maloney spent a month pouring over data and working with c.i. squared’s founders to craft their brand platform. From there, our graphic designers created a new brand identity. We started with their logo, then all of their print and handout materials such as business cards, envelopes, and presentation collateral. We even overhauled a 100 slide presentation deck to fit their new direction.

The Website

Next, we turned our attention to reworking their website, and producing new video content. Everything we incorporated, down to the last detail plays a role in telling their story. We made sure that every sentence, every frame, every pixel worked in unison with the next.

John's Story

John Geraci is an Author, Co-Founder and President of CI Squared. He has worked with high-tech companies, sharing the knowledge he has from his successes and failures and helping people unlock their potential. Along the way, he has continued to learn from these smart customers, while getting extreme satisfaction from his biggest why: helping others grow and achieve.

Christine's Story

For the past two decades, Christine has been a Leadership and Organizational Development specialist. She believes that the ability to influence and communicate in a way that inspires others is the key to business and personal success. Driven by a curiosity to understand what makes people tick and a desire to help others achieve maximum potential, she has devoted her career to helping people find ways to leverage their talents.