We wanted to create a video that showed a Philadelphia Flyers fan’s true colors – orange and black no matter what.

The Concept

When we met with the Flyers marketing team they tasked us with creating an emotional, hard-hitting spot that would tell the story of the Flyers tumultuous season through specific moments throughout the year which ultimately culminated in a trip to the postseason. Their goal was to promote the video across all social media outlets and in the arena before the Flyers postseason start.

Behind the Scenes

We made it our mission to scope out the craziest and most dedicated Flyers fans in the Greater Philadelphia area. Considering some daring new ink and a bold haircut, it’s safe to say the city did not disappoint. While not every fan made it into the final cut of the video, their commitment was not lost on us.

The Result

Our :90 spot screened on TV and across all Flyers social media outlets garnering over 200k views in less than 48 hours. Flyers blogs also embraced the video with open arms.

And while not all of our fan footage made the final cut, we made sure they snuck back into our Director’s cut below!

Social Media Spots

We produced a :90, :60, and :15 spot for social media.

In the Press

Philadelphia was quick to jump to the internet and share their thoughts.


Client: Philadelphia Flyers
Production: JTWO

Producer: Travis Capacete

Director: Justin Jarrett

DP: Maria Vattimo 

Location Sound: Jelani Thomas

Assistant Producer: Brittany Bonanno

Production Assistant: Ian Schobel

Production Assistant: Alex Siwik

Special thanks to the following locations for allowing us to film:



Xfinity Live: Bullies Pub