Crista Pillitteri

Rowan University

When JTWO Films took me in, I was a college senior. Yet, I still had a ton to learn.  As an intern, I could have never expected the amount of experience they would give me.

…Or that I wouldn’t leave.

In my previous internships, I watched my supervisors during the shoots. I shadowed as they setup the wires, and they held the camera. I listened as they ran the show. But at JTWO, I was part of the crew. I had responsibilities, and as an intern so will you.  I ran a camera. I setup the audio. I edited videos. And I had an opinion. Because I knew that the work I was doing was serious,  for real clients, and because JTWO treated me as part of their crew, I worked harder. And it made me better.

JTWO gave me opportunities to both perfect a craft I was interested in, and to figure out new ones. I came in wanting to be a cinematographer and left dabbling in After Effects.

With JTWO, you can go in any direction, once you (and they) realize what your passions are. As an intern I did work with editing, camera, interviewing, graphics, and social media.  You’ll quickly realize that there are so many areas for you to fit your interests into.

I think what is most important though, what really made JTWO different from any other internships I could have done, is that the JTWO guys genuinely wanted me to grow as a filmmaker. They took time to keep pushing me. And having people behind you like that is something that is a really big deal when you’re still trying to figure out where you’re going.