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Social Impact Video Production

Following the release of our award-winning feature film, For Aaron: The Documentary and the digital campaign that accompanied it in 2009, we saw how important digital storytelling was as a tool to engage and inspire change in the world around us.

We saw first hand how rapidly the marketing of a social cause or an impact organization was changing with the advancements in technology and with our access to filmmakers, web designers, photographers, digital artists, and branding specialists we knew we could be a large part of that change. We understood that if we committed our time and talent to the world, we could create a legacy of impact. So we came up with drastically reduced costs for marketing and advertising services,  flexible & affordable payment plans, and  began working side by side with social impact organizations around the world to make a difference and help share their stories.

Our Work


We understand the unique needs of companies and organizations looking to implement positive social impact because our team has so much experience working directly with them. Since we launched the Projects That Matter Initiative in 2009, we’ve traveled around the world and met thousands of incredible people from Africa to India and Haiti to right here in our backyard of Philadelphia. We’ve won numerous awards for our international and national documentaries and launched interactive, content-rich websites. We have donated thousands of man hours, managed exciting brands, and staged photo shoots…but most importantly we have worked side by side with the most incredible people.

How Does an Organization Qualify?

  • Your organization must be a qualifying 501c3
  • In exchange for the reduced services cost, we require sponsorship entitlements to be identified at all major events and on your website throughout the year so that we can continue spreading the word about Projects That Matter.

Featured Project

Operation Save Our City

After Roz Pichardo lost her brother in 2012 due to gun violence, she knew that she had to take a stand and combat this growing problem in Philadelphia. Her way of doing this was by creating Operation Save Our City, an organization dedicated to bring awareness and justice to families, who like Roz, have lost someone due to gun violence.


Begin Your Project

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