When they reached out to us and asked us to tag along on their first international giving initiative to build homes in Haiti in partnership with California based non-profit New Story Charity, we couldn’t have been more excited!

Field Journal: Dede Part I

This is Dede, he is an 8 year old Haitian boy who volunteered to let us follow him with our camera as he raced around his village aka tent city. As we were filming a few of his friends jumped out from behind one of the structures and tackled him – they were just playing because he was on camera but when he fell he hurt his arm. We felt absolutely horrible, but Dede wasn’t phased in the slightest. This little man bled for our shot and just got up and kept going….we realized pretty quickly that resilience is a trend in this country.


As part of our Projects That Matter Initiative, we have a lot of experience traveling the world and working with non-profits to help share their stories in new compelling ways, however, with the launch of Redwood Gives Back this provided us with a unique opportunity – we had the fun challenge of establishing the tone and style that Redwood Gives Back would have as an organization moving forward.

Our task was to travel with a small team from Redwood Gives Back to Haiti and document their experience as they meet the families and learn more about the community where they built their new homes. Once we return we would cut together a short doc recounting the experience to debut at their Annual Redwood Rally.

Field Journal: Dede Part II

After our new friend Dede fell and hurt his arm he motioned for us to keep following him. We ran around one of the tents, but we stopped him to make sure his arm was okay. He smiled and gave us a thumbs up and he pointed to our camera and said “photo!” We had a Polaroid camera on us and we took a photo of him and gave it to him. He lit up like a Christmas tree! We had never seen someone so happy. Then it hit us, he didn’t have a mirror in his tent, maybe he never had a mirror. Maybe he had only seen his reflection in the broken glass scattered around on the ground. We’ll never know for sure, but we know how happy that photo made him – something so simple yet so meaningful…



Field Journal

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