Mighty Ira is a feature length documentary following the story of Ira Glasser and his fight for civil liberties in the United States. In a time of civil unrest, Glasser adamantly defends the first amendment rights of a group of Americans that he whole heartedly disagrees with: a party of Neo Nazis from Skokie, Illinois. A film that questions who the first amendment protects, Mighty Ira is an inspiring story that is just as relevant now as it was in 1978.

We were thrilled to partner with FIRE to assist in the post production process for Mighty IraAs part of the Projects That Matter initiative, we believe in sharing important stories that need to be told. We could easily see how much care FIRE poured into the production of this documentary, and we wanted to match the investment on our end as well. Completed remotely across different states, we collaborated over a period of several months to sweeten and polish Mighty Ira, a story that we truly believe in. 


Director – Nico Perrino, Chris Maltby, Aaron Reese
Executive Producer – Greg Lukianoff, Phil Harvey, AC Bushnell
Producer – Nico Perrino, Chris Maltby, Aaron Reese
Post Production Manager – Travis Capacete
Music Composition – Scott McRae, Ryan Rapsys
Sound Mix – Steven Layton
Color Grade – Dave Bauer