Looking back on our first ten years as a company, we wanted a unique way to express our gratitude to everybody who helped support us along the way, so we worked with our design team, former employees, and some of our most memorable interns to create the celebratory JTWO One Decade Deep magazine. Our crew highlights fond memories with some of our longest client friendships, such as the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, as well as newly formed relationships, like Conant Leadership. Featuring quotes and reminiscence, favorite frames from favorite projects, and interviews of what the future will bring, the JTWO One Decade Deep magazine was thoughtfully designed, planned, and printed with high quality materials that feel like it will last the next ten years.




In addition to printing and shipping physical copies of the magazines, we have also digitized each article for easier online access. From the recounting of our founding, to stories of incredible feats of human spirit from the Projects That Matter Initiative, to in-depth interviews and more, every article has been transformed for you to explore and interact digitally. Read the full articles featured in the JTWO One Decade Deep Magazine below.