We've had a lot of interns over the last decade. We asked a few to share their favorite memories.

In the midst of my end-of-semester haze, I accidentally showed up a week early to my internship interview. Instead of kicking me out, or holding my aggressive earliness against me, they all made time to talk to me; like, have a real conversation, where we discussed our goals as filmmakers, how we all got started and what I wanted most to learn from them. That’s so emblematic of who the guys at JTWO are — they always make time for their people, and I’m so thankful they made time for me.

Happy 10th, JTWO!

Caitlin Riggsbee, Former Intern


When Trav almost fired Jake the intern for jamming the printer with Hershey Kisses. Trav interrogated him in the conference room for a good few hours. We found out later that week it was just a rogue mouse. Still cracks me up. For the record Jake, I did believe you were telling the truth.

Scott Cumpstone, Former Intern

On the first day we were given skull covered binders and strict orders not to touch the server… or else. I never found out what the “or else” was, but we quickly realized how special of a place this is and how dedicated they are to helping you grow in whatever direction your interested….you just gotta get over the skulls.

Erin Lynch, Former Intern

My best JTWO memory, hands down, is going to the Kid Rock concert my first (second? third?) week of my summer internship. Travis had some extra tickets and we went. To this day, I still bring up some of the events we witnessed. Drunk pregnant women rolling around in the mud was hilarious and sad… but, mostly sad.

Logan McGee, Graphic Artist (Former Intern)