Our best kept secret is our design department.


For the past four years, we have been quietly working on the next chapter of our story by working diligently to build out our design department. Why design? Because, for us, it’s the next evolution of storytelling.

Whether it’s brand development, package design or even product design – our crew of creatives, led by our Creative Director, Justin Jarrett and Lead Designer, Monica Grevera, approaches each new challenge with the same attitude.


For us, design is a natural fit. We are storytellers by trade and it was an honest and genuine move for us to transition into that world. We just kept having clients ask us if we could design or create this or that and it just became something where we said, you know what? Yes, we can do that. From there we were off to the races.

Within a year, we brought on Monica and a team of graphic artists who began working on projects for clients such as Victus Sports. Victus, based in King of Prussia, PA is the maker of the number one used baseball bat in Major League Baseball. Our video production team began working with them a few years ago. Now, in addition to video marketing, we handle all of their marketing needs – including product and apparel design, print, web and package design.

Graphic Designer Monica Grevera


I started working with JTWO looking for an opportunity and challenge in design. I was eager to take on any design project, and they certainly provided an interesting assortment. I don’t always know what project I’m about to jump into, but I rely on the core design principles for everything no matter the format or request. This mindset allows us to fearlessly take on any project big or small, and do it well.

Working with Justin has molded me as a designer. His vision for projects are challenging and cutting edge. We trust each other’s separate experiences in design and art direction so we make a really great team. My favorite projects have had creative direction from Justin, and I think his secret lies in pushing a design until he likes it, then asking “how can we make it even better?” It’s the JTWO way to push the limits and aim to surpass expectations. We are creating work that we are truly proud of.

Designing for Victus has been a lot of fun because their brand is geared toward changing the game and breaking the mold is what we do at JTWO. We start all Victus projects asking “What are the possibilities?” rather than seeking the parameters. It’s a glass half full approach, and I find it to be the most refreshing way to design.