Our team won best in Product Design at the 2019 Louix Awards Show for our role in Victus’ first Pro-Grade batting glove and first foray into gear beyond wood bats.

Phase One: The Design

Our team was challenged with adding our creative input into the overall product design. Beyond performance, the design had to be flashy, loud and make a statement while also incorporating the forthcoming Show Series design language that we previously developed. Taking inspiration from Marvel’s Black Panther Costume as well as one of our favorite Victus Bat designs that featured a Gloss/Matte Black combo with an iridescent logo, the first batting glove came to be. We dubbed it, the Victus Debut BG One to pay homage to it being the first of its kind.

Phase Two: The Packaging

When it came time to design the packaging for the gloves, we knew we wanted to take a different approach in order to stand out at retail at stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods. We designed an irredescent based pattern that would change colors depending on the lighting conditions to match the gloves.

Phase Three: The Launch

For the launch, we knew we needed a campaign that put the glove aesthetics at the forefront and allowed it to speak for itself. We also wanted to create a sense of drama with the Victus Debut BG One launch video. Our solution, put the viewer inside the head of a baseball player making their pro debut at the plate. We utilized a POV head cam rig to accomplish this along with a sound design that continued to build the tension throughout the spot.

The Commercial

The Result

The campaign screened across all social media outlets garnering over 400k views.


Client: Victus Sports
Production: JTWO


Player: Tom Fazinni

Producer: Travis Capacete

Director: Justin Jarrett

DP: Chris Harley

AC: Alex Siwik

2nd Camera: Maria Vattimo

Location Sound: Jelani Thomas

Production Assistant: Brittany Bonanno

Production Assistant: Elle Chernaskey 

Photography: Adam Hribar

Special thanks to the following location for allowing us to film:

Diamond Nation Sports Complex