The One Club of Philadelphia, previously known as the Art Director’s Club of Philadelphia asked us to make an opening video for their annual awards show, The Louix Awards, which honors creativity within the Philadelphia advertising and marketing community. They gave us free rein to create something “cool.” To us, that was like winning the lottery, we couldn’t write a script fast enough!

This is Lou

Our team decided to create a jaw-dropping seven-minute short film, titled, This is Lou directed by our very own Principal Director, Justin Jarrett which paid homage to grimy underground Hollywood crime films like Guy Ritchie’s Snatch while also serving as a medium to introduce the host of the show. When the film debuted they didn’t know what hit em.’ So this year, when it came time for the 2019 Louix Awards, everyone wanted to know how we were going to top last year’s film, which featured everything from underground poker tournaments to basement beat downs.

Enter, Tricky Ricky.

This year’s film, titled Two Lou’s. One Club is a twelve-minute direct sequel to last year’s opener, picking up the plot where we left off one year later. An 80’s inspired action comedy on steroids, the film pits Philadelphia’s entire creative community against one another, riffing on classic films like Jean Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport and featuring everything from rooftop fight clubs to underground boxing.

The Next Level 

We received such an amazing response last year that we knew this year’s opener had to be even bigger and crazier, taking everything to the next level. More action, more comedy, and more insanity. When the credits roll we want the audience to turn to the person next to them and say, “what the hell did I just watch?” 

Two Lou’s. One Club. is a stylistic action comedy about Philadelphia’s underground creative community vying for the coveted top spot within the city. This short film debuted at the 2019 Louix Awards, opening the show.

Justin Jarrett, JTWO Principal Director

I grew up watching crazy 80’s and 90’s movies that starred Van Damme, Stallone, and Schwarzenegger and if you watch those films now they have somewhat morphed genres. They’ve gone from action movies that took themselves way too seriously to pop culture comedy. Everything from the over the top action scenes to the dialogue and plot has taken on a different life in a world full of memes. I love that and wanted to poke fun at it while also paying homage to how much those crazy films impacted my childhood. Also, it’s not often you get to recreate iconic scenes from films like Bloodsport. What director wouldn’t jump at that chance?

The film was produced over the span of seven shoot days and created with only one professional actor, while volunteers within the creative community represented the rest of the crew. Agencies like Deardorff, Agency M, Hanlan, Clutch and the board of the One Club of Philadelphia were featured, along with JTWO themselves represented by Principal Business Director Travis Capacete who dons a classic 80’s mustache in both films, while also leading production for the project.





Of course, our team had to make a cameo!


Writer + Director: Justin Jarrett

Executive Producer: Travis Capacete

Producer: Brittany Bonanno

DP: Chris Harley

DP/ AC: Maria Vattimo

Camera Op: Jay Miller

AC: Alex Siwik

AC: Justin Williams

Grip Team: Federal Grip

Location Sound: Jelani Thomas

Set Design: Gillian Speers

Voiceover: Joey Eyes

BTS Photographer: Elle Chernaskey

PA: Omar Alqahtani

PA: Derrick Kim

PA: Brynn Antaran

Color Correction: Jason Druss