Justin [he/him] is an award-winning writer, director and creative entrepreneur whose visionary storytelling style has manifested itself in the form of JTWO over the past decade. He has directed both original and branded features, television shows, commercials and documentaries on four different continents in addition to collaborating with clients such as ESPNComcastNFL FilmsUnder ArmourUniversity of Pennsylvania and the United Nations while guiding the creative direction and growth of JTWO, which he co-founded in 2009.

A creative chameleon, Justin’s directing style is unique in that he has the ability to seamlessly weave in and out of genres, because he stays true to his personal mantra – the story is everything. This has proven invaluable time and time again throughout his career as he continues to hone his directorial skill set whether he is filming an emotional human interest piece or collaborating with actors or athletes like Shaquille O’Neal (it’s been about 14 projects at this point, but who’s counting?).

Both JTWO’s renowned non-profit collaboration program, The Projects That Matter Initiative and the successful young filmmaker’s [INC]ubator Project are also two of Justin’s brainchildren.