Our creative team was tasked with designing the second iteration of the  Victus Sports’ vaunted Vandal aluminum bat. After naming the first incarnation and providing creative input on the original design, we couldn’t help but jump at the chance to design the Vandal II from the ground up.


The Vandal is a well-balanced bat designed for hitter’s to get through the zone quickly. It is also equipped with a Ringless Carbon Composite Barrel-End that creates a lighter feeling swing.  With that knowledge in hand, our design team knew that we wanted the updated version to feel fast, light and have an electricity about it. We took inspiration from seemingly everywhere we could – sports cars, sneakers and lightning storms. Eventually, we landed on a design that felt fast even when it was leaning against a fence. 


Once the new Vandal had been designed and manufactured, our production team went to work on how we wanted to roll this speed demon out to the market. 

Our brief from our client included the fact that this product needed to make a splash with their youth demographic so we knew we wanted the launch materials to skew younger than usual for their product releases. We centered the creative around the bat’s performance and coined the tag line “Lightning Fast Power as well as “Speed is Everything” and ran with it!

Everything we created needed to feel fast, light and fun. Our team had photoshoots, produced several live action commercials as well as 3D models.


After the initial launch of the Vandal Mach2, we wanted to continue to highlight how light and fast the new bat design is for a hitter. We came up with the concept of a race inside the barrel of the bat.


For social media we created a series of ads utilizing a 3D bat hovering in the air to signify how light the Vandal Design was for hitters.



Our design team created a series of assets ranging from 3D Models to an influencer pack consisting of an insert card, apparel, stickers tags and limited edition packaging. 


By the time we were finished producing content for the Vandal, we had created commercials that featured a race on the inside of the bat, 3D models that hovered, multiple and buys along with an entire suite of brand packaging to go along with it. Our client was thrilled and we are onto the next! 



Production: JTWO
Writer + Director: Justin Jarrett
Assistant Director/Editor: Maria Cantu
Executive Producer: Travis Capacete
Producer: Conor Hare
DP: Andres Torres
AC: Aly Spengler
AC: Rick Cook
Dolly Operator: Adam Henderson
Drone Operator: Carlo Stigliano
Photographer: Adam Hribar
Gaffer: Federal Grip
Grip/Swing: Jay Miller
Sound Recording: Steven Layton
Designer: Alex Dodge
Designer: Monica Grevera
Editor: Ian Schobel
Editor: Maria Cantu
Colorist: Ian Schobel
Sound Mix: Steven Layton