Our design team was tasked with naming and designing Victus Sports’ new two-piece hybrid aluminum bat. The new product would be the company’s first two-piece design for a BBCOR Certified product. We had the honor of naming their first metal bat ever the year before with the Victus Vandal, so we knew we had to come out swinging. 

After a month of ideas, sketches, whiteboard sessions and arguments – our creative team dubbed the new bat…(drumroll please)…The Victus NOX

The name NOX was loud, aggressive, arrogant and meant all kinds of good stuff to ballplayers everywhere. It was…dare we say, a perfect fit.


When it came time to designing the NOX, our design team took inspiration from every corner of the Victus Brand – its history, biggest moments, the brand’s tendency to be playful, loud and about as bombastic as they come along with the idea that no matter what we came up with we knew we wanted it to scream Victus (which to us simply meant it wasn’t going to look like anything else on the market). We also took a long look at other products that we feel accomplished everything that we wanted to achieve with the NOX, like the Air Jordan XX. We worked side by side with Victus’s team to land on a design we all love.


Once the NOX had been named, designed and manufactured, our production team went to work on how we wanted to roll this beast out to the market. 

We wanted to focus on the idea that the NOX would be Victus’s most technologically advanced product to date with the marketing plan. So our team invented the V.B.L. aka the Victus Bat Lab where we could test the NOX’s various specs in different commercial spots. The V.B.L. set would also serve as an actual place where customers could come and customize and test their bat purchases at Victus’s HQ – so it had to be functional as well as look the part for our spots. 

Once the sets were built, our production team went to work crafting some amazingly obnoxious spots. We utilized both practical and digital effects to achieve the look we were after including building entire 3D models of the bat itself.


The Teaser

We kicked off the Nox series with a fast paced teaser trailer: Welcome to the Victus Bat Lab.


The Power Test video showcases the obnoxious power of the Nox. 


The Speed Test video focuses on the Nox’s ridiculous speed.


The Vibe Test video concentrates on the obnoxious vibration dampening power of the Nox. 


The “Tech Features” video was used to familiarize consumer’s with each part of the Nox’s design and technology.



Our design team created a series of assets ranging from 3D Models for ads to website design, social media, email blasts and retail assets to apparel, stickers and packaging. We also created the NOX Compression sleeve which will be sold at retailers.


By the time we were finished producing content for the NOX, we had created four main commercial spots, 3D models, social media ads and print placements along with an entire suite of brand packaging to go along with it. 

We don’t like to brag, but the NOX sold out in under ten minutes…on BOTH its first shipment and on its subsequent restock a few months later.  It has become one of the most sought after metal bats of the year and has been named one of the best BBCOR bats on the market by Bat Digest.



Production: JTWO
Writer + Director: Justin Jarrett
Assitant Director/Editor: Maria Cantu
Executive Producer: Travis Capacete
Producer: Conor Hare
Gaffer: Federal Grip
Sound Recording: Jay Miller
Sound Recording: Steven Layton
Designer: Monica Grevera
Editor: Ian Schobel
Colorist: Ian Schobel
Sound Mix: Steven Layton