Our Production and design teams developed a concept and campaign around taking down the giants of the metal bat industry. Victus as a whole is much smaller than most larger metal bat companies that have been around for decades and we wanted to play that up in a real David vs Goliath showdown. We also wanted to push the concept of the Vandal brand in and of itself which represents Victus’s renegade attitude within the sport.

The production team developed a video campaign that centered around the launch commercial which coincided with the Vandal’s release at retailers around the country such as Dick’s Sporting Goods. We also developed a tech breakdown video to highlight the Vandal’s technological breakthroughs.

"Be That Kid"

Client: Victus Sports

When it came time to launch the youth version of the Vandal, our team developed the BE THAT KID campaign.

"Steal the Show Teaser"

Client: Victus Sports

We used a series of teaser videos like this one to establish the Vandal brand and tease the upcoming release date.

"Tech Features"

Client: Victus Sports

The “Tech Features” video was used to familiarize consumer’s with each part of the Vandal’s design and technology.



Our design team created a series of assets ranging from 3D Models for ads to website design, social media, email blasts and retail assets to apparel, stickers and packaging.



Client: Victus Sports
Production: JTWO
Talent: Christian Debuque
Talent: Tyler Siravo
VO: Justin Jarrett
Writer + Director: Justin Jarrett
Assitant Director/Editor: Maria Cantu
Executive Producer: Travis Capacete
Producer: Conor Hare
DP: Maria Vattimo
AC: Jay Miller
Gaffer: Federal Grip
Sound Recording: Steven Layton
PA: Saba Ahmed
Designer: Christian Debuque
Designer: Monica Grevera
Editor: Ian Schobel
Colorist: Jason Druss
VFX: Omar Alqahtni
VFX: Daniel Gauthier