The National Constitution Center tasked us to create a Conglomerate video and to showcase two special programs they host for the youth of our country. The two programs are known as the “National Constitution Center Ambassador Program” and the “National Constitution Center Exchange Program”. These videos show a more in-depth background of the rich history that is the National Constitution Center. The programs bring together young teens from all over the United States to have enhanced conversations, gain knowledge, and spread how our ancestors built the United States of America from the ground up.

National Constitution Center: Ambassador Program

The Ambassador program is a four hour educational experience where students from different high schools are given a tour through the National Constitution Center and then invited to have a discussion on a constitutional topic.


National Constitution Center: Exchange Program

The National Constitution Center’s Exchange Program allows students from different high schools to have complex and in depth discussions about the Constitution.



Director – Justin Jarrett
Producer – Travis Capacete
Producer – Conor Hare
Cinematographer – Jason Miller
Cinematographer – Chris Harley
Cinematographer -Maria Vattimo
Sound –  Jelani Thomas
Sound – Shapoor Poorpourasharti
Editor – Ian Schobel
Editor – Omar Alqahtani
Sound Mix – Steven Layton
Grip: Steven Layton