LISC Chicago and State Farm came to us this year and tasked us to produce a brand video for the 13th Annual Hoops in the Hood City Wide Tournament. Hoops in the Hood brings together 17 Chicago communities by the power of organizational basketball through our Projects That Matter Initiative. Hoops in the Hood creates safe spaces for youth to interact and build positive relationships with peers and caring adults while making visible use of public spaces and fostering a sense of community. Over the last 13 years, it has positively impacted thousands of Chicago kids and given them a safe place to play organized basketball games across the city of Chicago. 


Client – LISC Chicago

Director – Justin Jarrett
Producer – Conor Hare
Producer – Travis Capacete
Cinematographer – Maria Vattimo
Cinematographer – Carl Wiedemann
AC – Lucy Harstrick
Location Sound – Victoria Salazar
Editor: Maria Cantu
Color Grading: Jason Druss
Sound Mix: Steven Layton

This project was made possible through our Projects That Matter Initiative.  The Projects That Matter Initiative is a program that was created over a decade ago for the benefit of non-profit organizations by providing them with cost-effective solutions for video production and other creative services. If you are a non-profit organization and are interested in learning how your organization can qualify or to simply learn more click the button below.