We recently partnered with Boiron USA to produce their latest series of commercials for their Homeopathic Cold Medicine, “ColdCalm.”  Boiron is the World Leader in Homeopathic Medicine and the largest manufacturer of homeopathic products in the world. On production for ColdCalm, we used real-time, lighting effects to create the storm-like nightmare sequence to make the environment that Director Chris Harley had envisioned. Our friends at Federal Grip Co. helped rig the lighting system used in the transition scene. The ColdCalm commercials were shot on the RED Weapon Helium 8K with Zeiss CP3 prime lenses.

"ColdCalm Alternate Commerical"

Boiron USA

Our team also created a series of shorter commercials for Boiron USA for use on multiple social media ColdCalm campaigns.