46 MINUTES TRT | USA | 2021


American Nurse Heroes is a one-hour television special that premiered on the Discovery Life Channel to a national audience followed by subsequent showings on NBC, American Heroes Channel and Destination America.

Directed by our own Justin Jarrett and produced by our team in partnership with Al Roker Entertainment and the American Nurses Association, American Nurse Heroes pulls back the curtain and takes an in-depth look at the lives and careers of nurse practitioners, clinicians, health experts and educators on the cutting-edge of healthcare innovation during one of the most trying times in modern history.  Discover how these selfless heroes have worked tirelessly each and every day to save the lives of our loved ones without wavering in the face of a global pandemic.


American Nurse Heroes debuted to a multi-channel network television audience, with its world premiere on the Discovery Life Channel followed by multiple showings across NBC, Destination America and the American Heroes Channel. The NBC version is a full six minutes longer than the other versions and features additional footage.

Our team was also responsible for creating an American Nurses Association PSA, Sponsor Billboard and a FirstNet, Built with AT&T Commercial that aired during commercial time during the show.


Our team worked with the American Nurses Association to identify four amazing nurses to be featured in the documentary. Primarily based in and around New York and Philadelphia, each one of these nurses showed exemplary dedication to the nursing profession in various ways throughout the pandemic.  We also interviewed nurses from around the country via Zoom that served as transitions throughout the show. 

Shumi Mazzacano, ADN, RN

Doylestown Health ICU

Shumi has been on the frontlines since the start of the pandemic. Faced with the worst of it, Shumi shares her harrowing experiences of seeing the devastation of Covid-19 firsthand and spending her patients’ last moments of life with them.

Fidelindo Lim, DNP, CCRN

New York University, Rory Meyers College of Nursing

Fidelindo Lim, a professor of nursing at NYU, continued teaching remotely during the pandemic. Once Covid-19 hit, teaching health and medicine changed forever. Fidel had to adapt his curriculum to make sure America’s future nurses were well equipped to enter the workforce and face the pandemic head-on.

Tarik Kahn, MSN, RN, FNP,-BC

Family Nurse Practitioner, Abbottsford Falls Health Center

After watching vials of the Covid-19 vaccine go to waste, Tarik decided he could no longer stand by and watch. Taking matters into his own hands, he gathered whatever leftover vaccine doses he could get his hands on and started vaccinating homebound individuals who could not leave their homes to get the vaccine. 

Kathleen Blaney, MPH, RN

Director of Disease Control and Emergency Preparedness
NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Faced with the daunting task of coordinating care throughout New York City’s entire medical system, Kathleen never gave up hope. Fueled by the desire to see New York return to its glory, she helped keep the city organized, aware, and ready for the vaccine rollout.



In order to abide by COVID-19 Production Protocols, we had to utilize a small, yet mobile team to film the show. We ended up choosing our mobile RED Weapon Helium 8K Camera package and shooting most of the production handheld because we were constantly on the move during our production schedule. Our team handled all of the Post-Production as well including the edit, sound mix and color-grade.


Client: American Nurses Association
Production: JTWO FILMS
Production Partner: Al Roker Entertainment
Writer + Director: Justin Jarrett
Assitant Director/Editor: Maria Cantu
Executive Producer: Al Roker
Executive Producer: Greg Osborne
Supervising Producer: Rick Angeli
Producer: Loressa Cole
Producer: Gregory Dyson
Producer: Joan Hurwitz
Producer: John Travaline
Producer: Erica Rubach
Producer: Travis Capacete
Producer: Conor Hare
AC: Adam Hribar
Sound Recording: Steven Layton
COVID Compliance Officer: Jill Breder
Designer: Alexandra Dodge
Editor: Ian Schobel
Colorist: Ian Schobel
Sound Mix: Steven Layton
PA: Lauren Koob
PA: Lex Forge
PA: Lana Duda
Executive in Charge of Production: Tracie Brennan
Post Production Manager: Ricky Day
Production Accountant: Caren Franklin
Marketing: Jon Burk
HealthCom Media Team
For Emme Solutions: Maria Paone
For Emme Solutions: Krissy McNeil
Sponsor: FirstNet, built by AT&T
Sponsor: University of Cincinnati