When both Victus and Marucci tasked us with creating two separate videos featuring MLB Superstar Tim Anderson with a limited production time, we knew it would be a challenge. So…with limited time with Tim and multiple videos to produce, we did what every logical creative team would do in this situation…add more Tim to the video of course!

With the Victus spot focusing on Tim’s signature TA7 Wooden Bat, we decided to make a fun, fast paced video that would shine a light on the manufacturing process and how something seemingly simple like a wood bat can actually be incredibly complex.

Next, we came up with the concept of Tim challenging himself to a fielding dual when it was time to focus on Marucci’s latest product offering – leather fielding gloves. The concept centered around Tim improvising his own lines on set to push himself on the field and to prove his doubters wrong.

"ONE on ONE" Director's Cut

Client: Marucci
Director's Cut

In this Director’s cut of “ONE on ONE” with Tim Anderson, the star studded shortstop shows off his glove skills against his greatest critic.



As part of the video production, we always capture additional photography that can be incorporated into branding, social campaigns, catalogues, displays, etc. This production with Tim was no different.

Tim ended up becoming the cover athlete for Victus’s annual catalog as well featuring throughout Tim’s “We Different” feature article.

Our design team handled the catalog creation from start to finish.



We all know the story of the fabled Michael Jordan “Jumpman” logo that became so iconic beginning in the 1980’s. Fast-forward to the present and almost every prominent athlete has a logo icon that represents their “brand.”

Tim and Victus tasked our design team with coming up with what would become Tim’s TA7 icon. Since its creation it has taken on a life of its own – from a clothing company to being featured on Tim’s signature Nike cleats and even a part of Tim himself with a tattoo on his arm. Needless to say, we chalk this up in the success column.


Working with Victus’s team, our designer’s minds immediately reverted back to our nine year old selves getting new action figure toys. The packaging was always unique with cut-out window panels so you could see the back of the toy and a clever description on the back. This proved to be an excellent for design inspiration for us because the bat had a 360 degree design and the cutout window panel allowed the consumer to see the back of the bat without opening the pack.

Once we had the packaging on lock, we applied the design aesthetic across the board each insert card and poster. We wanted to create something that we would hang on our own walls (we must have succeeded because they are currently hanging in our studio).



Production: JTWO
Writer + Director: Justin Jarrett
Editor: Maria Cantu
Executive Producer: Travis Capacete
Producer: Conor Hare
Sound Recording: Steven Layton
Designer: Monica Grevera
Designer: Alex Dodge
Editor: Ian Schobel
Colorist: Ian Schobel
Sound Mix: Steven Layton
Photographer: Adam Hribar