Everything about Fernando Tatis Jr. is next level loud. From his game to his style he has quickly become one of Major League Baseball‘s brightest young stars and with that comes a lot of noise.

Our team was tasked with tuning it all out and creating a spot for our longtime client, Victus Sports, that focus’s on what is most important to him as a player – family, hard work and simply enjoying the game of baseball.  In this extended Director’s Cut, we see Tatis working on his game in the offseason while preparing for the future.

"Rise With Us"

We created a series of short teasers for social media in preparation for the new MLB Season.



Victus wanted to take their collaboration with Fernando Tatis Jr. one step further by creating a one-of-a-kind collector’s dream pack. With an autographed Victus Limited TATIS23 Gold bat from the Legendary Bat King as our inspiration, we were tasked with creating custom packaging, insert cards and posters that would feature inside the collector’s pack. With only 23 collector’s packs to be made and retailing for over $1000.00 each we knew we wanted to design something special.


Working with Victus’s team, our designer’s minds immediately reverted back to our nine year old selves getting new action figure toys. The packaging was always unique with cut-out window panels so you could see the back of the toy and a clever description on the back. This proved to be an excellent for design inspiration for us because the bat had a 360 degree design and the cutout window panel allowed the consumer to see the back of the bat without opening the pack.

Once we had the packaging on lock, we applied the design aesthetic across the board each insert card and poster. We wanted to create something that we would hang on our own walls (we must have succeeded because they are currently hanging in our studio).



Production: JTWO
Writer + Director: Justin Jarrett
Editor: Maria Cantu
Executive Producer: Travis Capacete
Producer: Conor Hare
Sound Recording: Steven Layton
Designer: Monica Grevera
Designer: Alex Dodge
Editor: Ian Schobel
Colorist: Ian Schobel
Sound Mix: Steven Layton
Photographer: Adam Hribar