Our design team partnered up with Boiron USA to produce their latest series of animated commercials for the product StressCalm. StressCalm is a blend of plant-based active ingredients that reduces nervous tension, while calming both mind and body. Our team was tasked with thinking outside the box to keep the commercial light hearted while also hitting on the topic of dealing with the occasional stressful moments life can throw at you. Our design team created storyboards that would bring the StressCalm script to life while staying true to Boiron USA’s core of using natural ingredients. We made sure to keep the art style that is true to the Boiron USA brand and while staying in line with the handful of other animations we have done for their various products. The entire spot was completed remotely by our in-house post-production team.

"StressCalm Alternate Commercial"

Boiron USA

Our team also created a series of shorter commercials for StressCalm for use on multiple social media Boiron USA campaigns.