Our team was excited to have the opportunity to work with Boiron USA again. This time, we worked with their team to create two ads for Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic cold and flu medicine. In both ads, we used practical lighting and a real shower head to create a small “rain storm” on set. Both actors were placed in a small pool while the rest of the crew coordinated the storm. Through a combination of a leaf blower, a garden hose, and a little creativity, we were able to create our own hurricane in the living room (and no water damage was sustained!) Grip and Lighting were done by our good friends at Federal Grip Co. This was one of the most fun sets we’ve been a part of. It reminded us why we love filmmaking. There were a lot of moving parts and our crew pulled it off like a well-oiled machine. It was a challenge that we faced head-on, and frankly, we knocked it out of the park. So thank you, Boiron, for letting us go wild and create a tsunami inside of a house.

“Cold Call” and “Soggy Breakfast” were filmed on the RED Weapon Helium 8k with Angenieux EZ-1 15 to 40mm cinema zoom lens and Angenieux EZ-1 30 to 90mm cinema zoom lens. Lighting was composed of an Arri Skypanel S60-C, Arri T1 Fresnel, ETC Source 4 750, assorted Quasar tubes, and a LiteGear LiteMat 2L.

"Cold Call"

Boiron USA

“Cold Call” follows the story of a young professional caught with cold and flu symptoms on a video call.




Client: Boiron USA
Production: JTWO
Director + DP: Jay Miller
Editor: Maria Cantu
Producer: Conor Hare
Sound Recording: Steven Layton
Swing: Ben McLaughlin
Set Designer: Lauren Koob
Designer: Alex Dodge
Colorist: Ian Schobel
Sound Mix: Steven Layton