Our design team handled all aspects of the new product line’s brand story. From clothing and apparel to package design. We even worked side by side with manufacturers and tradesmen throughout the process to ensure Victus got the quality that represented their brand.


The next step for our team was the Show Series launch. Our production team was responsible for producing over 30 spots along with thousands of photographs to be utilized for social media and marketing purposes – including at nationwide retailer, Dicks Sporting Goods. We filmed with MLB stars Fernando Tatis Jr. and  Mitch Haniger in Arizona along with White Sox stud, Tim Anderson in Chicago as well as several days in Philadelphia with the rest of the cast.


f/t Chicago White Sox Shortstop Tim Anderson

For the MLB Batting Champions signature bat, the TA7, we went to visit Tim on the Southside of Chicago to shoot the “Rip it and Flip it” concept.


f/t Seattle Mariner's Outfielder Mitch Haniger

For the launch of MLB star, Mitch Haniger’s signature bat, the MH17, we travelled to Arizona and New York to tell the story of how his bat came to be.

"Grab the Popcorn"

One of the many teasers we created to launch the series.

"Victus  X  BL101"

Victus and Social Media sensation, Baseball Lifestyle 101 got together for a Show Series Collab pack.




Creative Director: Justin Jarrett
Producer: Travis Capacete
Producer: Conor Hare
DP: Chris Harley
AC: Nathan Vitale
AC: Alex Siwik
AC: Jay Miller
Photography: Adam Hribar
Photography: Joe Martinez
Photography: Maria Vattimo
Editor: Maria Cantu
Editor: Ian Schobel
Editor: Omar Alqahtani
Color: Dave Bauer
Designer: Christian Debuque
Designer: Monica Grevera
Sound: Shapoor Poorpourshariati
Sound: Jelani Thomas
Sound: Steven Layton
Sound: Victoria Salazar
Grip: Federal Grip
PA: Omar Alqahtani