LISC Chicago and State Farm came to us through our Projects That Matter Initiative for the second straight year and tasked us to produce the story of the 2020 Woods Fund Award. Our team had the chance to spend a few days with the principals, teachers, parents, and representatives of the parent mentor program from all around Chicago and hear their inspiring stories. The parent mentor program is an initiative that has been implemented in over 100 schools over the past handful of years and continues to grow larger within Chicago neighborhood communities. These parents go above and beyond to aide teachers with teaching assistance and correspondence between the growth of the children within their life in and outside of school.


Client: LISC Chicago

Director/DP: Chris Harley
Producer: Conor Hare
AC: Jay Miller
Location Sound: Steven Layton
Editor: Ian Schobel
Color Grading: Ian Schobel
Sound Mix: Steven Layton

This project was made possible through our Projects That Matter Initiative.  The Projects That Matter Initiative is a program that was created over a decade ago for the benefit of non-profit organizations by providing them with cost-effective solutions for video production and other creative services. If you are a non-profit organization and are interested in learning how your organization can qualify or to simply learn more click the button below.