The campaign was filmed in three states over the course of a month. Meaning, none of the main actors are ever actually in the same location together let alone the same room. This took a lot of creativity and coordination to pull it off – this is how we did it.

The Concept

Responsibility.org asked us to develop an Impaired Driving Campaign that would resonate with younger audiences. We knew we had Shaquille O’Neal onboard to star in the campaign, so we moved forward developing a concept around his personality and his background in law enforcement while at the same time trying to engage audiences with a light-hearted approach to such a serious topic. Enter Drive Like You Give a #&%!

The Responsible Driving Enforcement Agency

Our story would focus on The Responsible Driving Agency’s Chief O’Neil and Officer Vasquez, a by-the-book rookie fresh out of the Academy. These two characters would connect all of the stories together along with the Officer on the scene, Officer Thomas.

Meet "The Lineup"

Filmed over the course of several weeks in Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Atlanta, the campaign focused on four main Offenders all representing one of the big “D’s” of Impaired Driving – Drunk, Drugged, Distracted and Drowsy – via the offender’s characterizations. A Drunk hard partying Sailor, a Drugged prescription pill popping Grandma, a Drowsy overworked Clown and an average looking Distracted John Smith.

The Result

We produced four main spots each ranging from 2:00 – 3:00 and over 30 spots for social media. Still photography was also captured throughout for campaign usage on everything from social media, websites, billboards and car wraps.

We picked up some hardware for this one winning two Louix Awards for Best Social Media Campaign and Best Copy (Campaign Slogan).  This project also netted us a Silver Addy for cinematography.

Andy Carmichael

AKA Costumed Idiot

A College student gets behind the wheel after having a few too many to drink at a Halloween Party.

Jane Goodman

AKA Mrs. Complain-a-Lot

A Pill-Popping Grandma takes to the road after over indulging in pain meds.

John Smith

AKA Mr. Distracted

An average Joe gets distracted behind the wheel as he races to meet his wife for their anniversary dinner.

Charlie Night

AKA Drowsy The Clown

An overworked, under appreciated down on his luck Clown takes to the road after a long day of Birthday Parties.


Behind the Scenes

We filmed the entire project on the RED Weapon 8K Helium S35 Camera system utilizing an incredible crew to complete this project. Because all of the actors were shot on separate days in different locations, we utilized a lot of Green Screen work and composited everything together in post-production.


Client: Responsibility.org
Concept: JTWO


Shaquille O’Neal – Chief Shaq
Ariana Guerra – Officer Vasquez
Damian Muziani – Charlie Knight
Eve Connolly – Jane Goodman
Kory Moerschel – Officer Thomas
Mark Marano – Andy Carmichael
Jon Diaz – John Smith
Brad Larson – Andy Carmichael (Alternate Version)
Jake Corsi – Boy 1
Matthew Daisher – Boy 2
Michael Daisher – Boy 3
Cahlin Louis – Boy 4

Director – Justin Jarrett
Written by Daniel Foster and Justin Jarrett
Producer – Travis Capacete
Cinematographer – Maria Vattimo
Cinematographer – Chris Harley
Cinematographer – Drew Saracco
AC – Jason Miller
Location Sound – Jelani Thomas
Location Sound – Scott Cumpstone
Grip – Federal Grip
Gaffer – Michael Bremer
Key Grip – Carlos Mancilla
Swing – Greg Golter
Hair and Makeup – Katie McGregor
Hair and Makeup – Brielle Brenner
Teleprompter Operator – Ryan Nubel
Photography – Jason Hales
Photography – Patrick Clark
Set Design -Gillian Speers
Production Assistant – Natassia Kuronen
Daniel Gauthier – Compositor
Jason Druss, Colorist

This project was made possible through our Projects That Matter Initiative.  The Projects That Matter Initiative is a program that was created over a decade ago for the benefit of non-profit organizations by providing them with cost-effective solutions for video production and other creative services. If you are a non-profit organization and are interested in learning how your organization can qualify or to simply learn more click the button below.