Our team was back at the  Louix Awards this year and we picked up some new hardware for some of our recent work – winning six Louix Awards in total!  We also opened the show in a BIG way with our new short film, This is Lou.


Copywriting [Campaign Catchphrase] + Social Media Promotional Campaign

Drive Like You Give A F*#%!

Drive Like You Give a #&%! is a cross-platform campaign two years in the making! Our team partnered with Responsibility.org and Shaquille O’Neal to create a series of videos to encourage you to Drive Like You Give a #&%! and think about those you share the road with every time you get behind the wheel.

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Branding   |   Product Design   |   Brochure Design   |   Fashion Design

Victus Baseball

Victus is one of the leading wooden bat manufacturers in the world and used by Pro players in the US and Japan. They tasked us with expanding their product offerings and redefining their brand, entirely.  After establishing a new brand direction, our team got to work designing t-shirts, hoodies, hats, knob stickers and batting gloves. We designed everything down to the tags and packaging. [Some of which we can’t even show you….yet].

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Opening the Show

Our team was tasked with the concept and creation of the show open for the 2018 LOUIX Awards, an advertising awards show hailed as “the Academy Awards on Acid.” The show is an annual celebration of  outstanding work of Philadelphia’s most creative visual artists, producers, directors, and abstract thinkers.

Let's Blow Some F*@#!n Minds!

We had seen other show opens before and they usually just included a montage of the entrant’s work along with some fancy graphics and some techno music in the background. However, being the overachievers that we are, we wanted to create something mind-bendingly different with a hint of crazy and hailing from somewhere left of left-field.
The venue for the show was the Sugar House Casino, so we knew we wanted to implement high stakes gambling into the project and still make it feel as Philly as possible. Because this was a show for creatives in Philly, we also wanted to write a script that had as many characters as possible so that we could include cameos from Ad + Marketing Execs from around the city. We took some inspirational cues from Guy Richie and went to work.

 A short film about a piece of shit from Philadelphia named Lou who finds himself  in a precarious situation with some of the most ruthless cutthroat killers in the City of Brotherly Love.


Frank Halbiger

Ginger Kochmer

Jason Dilks

Matthew Paul

Tony Francescani

Tracy Agostarola

Bobby Reed

Danny Cardona

Jill Deardorf

Vince Marie

Zachary Haines

Rick DiDonato

Jeff King

David Wright

Rick Angeli

Nikki Mueller

Sugar House Casino

Vesper Sporting Club

DNA Salon

The Laundry Cafe


Kissin Fresh Meats

El Vez/Ranstead Room

The Franklin Room


Of course, our team had to make a cameo!


Writer + Director: Justin Jarrett

Producer: Travis Capacete

DP: Maria Vattimo

Location Sound: Jelani Thomas

AC: Natassia Kuronen

AC: Alex Siwik

PA: Ian Schobel

Grip Team: Federal Grip

2nd AC/AD: Brynn Antaran

Set Design: Gillian Speers

Grip: Charlie Parker

PA: Kyungchan Min

Color Correction: Jason Druss

Sound Mix: Baker Studios