The Southside of Chicago is one of the most violent places in America. LaVonte is no stranger to the day to day gang violence, and he has chosen to continue to surround himself in the thick of it. We met with Lavonte Stewart and were immediately fascinated with his story. We knew this was a story we had to tell. This short film tells the story of a man hardened by the streets of South Shore, who devoted his life to helping the community’s youth through coaching a youth baseball league, the Lost Boyz of Chicago. Our crew followed Lavonte and his team for three long days and immersed themselves right into the world of South Shore Chicago. As a teenager, LaVonte was no stranger to holding his own in South Shore gangs. He roamed the streets with a firearm looking for his next victim. This was and still is the lifestyle in the community. Once you’re pulled into it, it is really hard to break away.  Now twenty years later, he carries a baseball bat and glove, seeking kids out in the very same community. His sole duty is to keep them from going down his same path and showing a positive life in return.

Lost Boyz of Chicago has been nominated as an official selection in several film festivals, including Chicago Independent Film (+TV) Festival, Beloit International Film Festival, Illinois International Film Festival, and Big Muddy Film Festival. We are incredibly proud and honored of this nomination.



Our story about LaVonte and the Lost Boyz was shown all over the USA film festival circuit and had a great run winning multiple awards and gaining attention throughout the Greater Chicago area through press and news stations. We are thrilled to finally be able to release the full length documentary for the rest of the world to see. Check out the entire story of the Lost Boyz of Chicago below! 



With only three days of filming we made it our mission to really immerse ourselves into the south side culture and come to know the Lost Boyz family. We could not thank LaVonte and the players enough for being so vulnerable and trusting of our team with their stories.

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Laureus USA
JTWO Films
Written + Directed by:
Justin Jarrett
Executive Producers:
Conor Hare
Travis Capacete
Brittany Bonanno
Director of Photography:
Maria Vattimo
Assistant Cinematographer:
Aaron Preusch
Location Sound:
AJ Olestad
Maria Vattimo
Ian Schobel
Maria Cantu
Omar Alqahtani
Sound Engineers:
Jelani Thomas
Steven Layton
Color Grade:
Jason Druss
Kyungchan Min

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