Philadelphia is known for the Eagles, Sixers, Flyers and Phillies – all prime time sports in this city. What if I told you that right in Fairmount Park, in the heart of West Philadelphia, there are kids learning how to play polo?

Chamounix Equestrian Center started their “Work to Ride” Program in 1994 as a community- based prevention program to assist urban youth in developing new skills and open their eyes to nature. The program’s vision is to create a safe haven for youth that are in inflicted by poverty and help them to develop confidence, self-esteem and develop skills for chosen activities.

The horseback riding would in the media, is dominated as a place for rich affluent white people in which you rarely see African American or other Persons of Color (POC) in these spaces. However, in the Work to Ride Program, POC are made to feel welcome, and in a place where they belong.

I started riding horses when I was 6 years old.  I remember instantly connecting with them and asking my mom for a pony and telling her we could just keep it in our small backyards in the Bronx. Since I am a “city kid”, I didn’t have much of an opportunity to ride all year long. However, I was privileged enough to be able to go to camp ever summer and live out my farm girl fantasies. When I found out about “Work to Ride” I was instantly interested in the program and the kids stories.

Every film has their set backs or bumps in the road. Mine was that it was my first time directing and having a very small but mighty crew in order to bring my vision to light. Being a photographer, I’m used to being solo. It was a challenge having to explain my vision and trusting that it didn’t get lost in translations. That on top of it being my very first time editing/coloring a project this big. I am proud of the end results.


Sara Latta is an up and coming Digital Media Creator based in Philadelphia, PA. She studied photography at Drexel University and recently decided to bring her visual style to film. With help from JTWO Films and her [INC]ubator project, she was able to bring her first film project to life. 

This project was created as part of the JTWO [INC]ubator Project. A semester long internship program built from the ground up to give young filmmakers, content creators, and all around hungry for a challenge individuals a place to stretch their creative minds while preparing them for the road ahead.

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