Douglas Conant, an internationally known fortune 500 CEO with over 40 years of experience created Conant Leadership in 2011. Over the last 20 years, Douglas has been in senior CEO leadership roles with Nabisco Food Company, Campbell Soup Company and the Chairman of Avon Products. Conant Leadership is a mission driven group of leaders who are pushing a new mindset of leadership in the 21st century.

We spent an afternoon interviewing Douglas about his life, Conant Leadership, and his new book. “The Blueprint” is due to hit book stores in March of 2020. In the book, Douglas explains his 6 practical steps to lift your leadership to new heights.



Director – Maria Cantu
Producer – Travis Capacete
Cinematographer – Maria Vattimo
Sound Engineer – Steven Layton
Editor – Omar Alqahtani
Animator – Omar Alqahtani