We recently partnered up with Boiron USA to produce their latest series of animated commercials for their product Gasalia. Gasalia provides targeted treatment for gas over typical digestive relief products that take a one-size-fits-all approach to symptoms. Our team was tasked with taking a fun approach with this product, as it called for a light hearted story and somewhat silly sound effects to drive home the message. Once again, our design team created storyboards that would bring the Gasalia script to life while staying true to Boiron USA’s core of using natural ingredients. Boiron’s branding department left in our creative designers’ hands to create a series of animations for their product. The art style was kept on brand with our other animations we have brought to the Boiron USA catalog. The entire spot was completed remotely by our in-house post-production team.

"Gasalia Alternate Commercial"

Boiron USA

Our team also created a series of shorter commercials for Gasalia for use on multiple social media Boiron USA campaigns.