One of the key creative challenges ROAR tasked us with solving was how to explain what their product does without utilizing live action photography or 2D animation. Our solution? Creating 3D renders within a completely customized environment to showcase the features of ROAR’s product within a best usage case scenario. We created a 3D Hospital room with patients as well as a parking lot on the exterior of the building to walk the consumer through how the technology of ROAR’s Panic Button solution works. We also created other 3D objects such as an exploded view of the Panic Button itself and paired it with live action macro photography to tell ROAR’s technology story.

Thank you to JTWO and their team for the amazing work! I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a high quality partner in Justin Jarrett and Conor Hare!

– Yasmine Mustafa, ROAR CEO


Client: ROAR
Production: JTWO

Director – Justin Jarrett
Producer – Travis Capacete
Producer – Conor Hare
Cinematographer – Chris Harley
Cinematographer – Matt Sullivan

Animator: Grace Southern
Sound – Steven Layton
Photographer – Adam Hribar
Photographer – Grace Southern
Editor: Matthew Sullivan