The project is part of a larger overall initiative by Southwest to promote tourism across the country post-COVID. 

Our team flew to four of the Hawaiian islands to showcase how easy it is to travel with Southwest. Starting in Kauai, we had lunch at Mark’s Place. We then flew to Oahu for dinner and drinks at HeyDey restaurant and hotel. The next morning we hopped on another quick flight to Maui for brunch at Nalu’s. After brunch, we headed to our fourth and final stop – Hawaii Island. For our last meal we dined at Jackie Rey’s Hilo.

It was truly a pleasure to capture Hawaii’s natural beauty and taste the local cuisine. Our host, Kaleo Pilanca, taught us about Hawaiian culture and guided us across the islands. This is a project that we will never forget.

“It was a really great experience getting to work directly with Southwest’s team along with Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations alum Kaleo Pilanca, who acted as the trip host to create such a unique project. We had multiple camera crews along with a photography cew running nonstop from the time we took off from Philadelphia until we returned home.  Our crew worked extremely hard and I couldn’t be more proud of them,” said Executive Producer, Travis Capacete.



Client: Southwest Airlines
Creative Partner: AMP Agency
Production: JTWO

Director – Justin Jarrett
Producer – Travis Capacete
Producer – Conor Hare
Cinematographer + Drone Op – Evan Urman
Drone Footage by – Range Productions
Cinematographer – Chris Logan Harley

AC – Matthew Sullivan
Location Sound – Steven Layton
Photographer – Gab Bonghi
Editor: Matthew Sullivan
Color Grading: Ryan Berger
Sound Mix: Steven Layton