We had such a great time creating the Delaware Lottery‘s Holiday Campaign with Agency, OneMagnify last year that we decided to run it back for round two! Quick turnaround for broadcast tv. Check. Christmas in October. No Problem. Santa and Elves…we got you covered!

OneMagnify tasked us with producing an all new :30 commercial for broadcast tv with two weeks of runway before airing. We welcomed the challenge and hit the ground running! Collaborating with their team to location scout, cast and re-design a smoke shop to look like a convenience store on Christmas Eve. But hey, at least we didn’t need to find a trained Golden Retriever this time around!

Once our overnight production wrapped, our post-production team took over. With the commercial originally intended to be one :30, once we got into the edit we realized we had the wonderful gift of having a ton of good material….so we decided to cut a :60 as well! The Delaware Lottery Team loved it and ran with both spots!

One Lucky Christmas Eve :30

“One Lucky Christmas Eve” was originally intended to be one :30 broadcast commercial. However, after the shoot we had so much great material we ended up collaborating with our client to make a longer :60 commercial as well as this :30 spot that would both end up running on broadcast television and social platforms.




Production: JTWO
Director: Justin Jarrett
Editor: Nick Cornew
Producer: Travis Capacete
Producer: Conor Hare
Location Manager: Nikkai Morales
Director of Photography: Adam Hribar
SteadiCam: Doug Lau
AC: Mad Bishop
Photographer: Grace Southern
Sound: Rick Wright
Art Director: Chris Jones + Crew
Wardrobe: Ioana Chiorean
HMU: Al Beck
Gaffer: Jon Barden
PA: Sienna Bigelow
PA: Jenna Walker
PA: Oliver Hough
Talent: Marc Lubbers
Talent: Hanna Gaffney
Talent: Bishop Vaughn
Talent: Shai Cross
Talent: Skai Cross
Talent: Jenna Walker
Colorist: Ryan Berger
Sound Mix: Baker Sound Studios