I chose to make this film because these types of projects are where I can get the most creative and have the most fun. This story came to me after writing a short monologue that eventually turned into the monologue read by the narrator. I think experimenting with film and different forms of storytelling is where you learn what is t you love about your craft. It is important to challenge yourself and I think this film challenged me in a number of ways that have helped me become a better filmmaker. In the end, I chose to make this film because it made me excited and felt like something I could do well while learning.

I think the biggest challenge while creating this film has been trying to put all these pieces together to create a flow and order that tells the story the way I want. There are so many moving parts within this project with the narration, shifts in time and experimental visuals, that the story itself was feeling confusing at points.

My other large challenge was casting and finding someone that matched who I had in my head. However, I think in the end, Ethan Binder was perfect for this character.


Sienna Twiss is a third year at Drexel University studying Film & Television. She is an aspiring cinematographer and has worked on a handful of successful short films including a project featured in the Annapolis Film Festival. She has worked for several film production companies on the East and West Coasts including JTWO Films, Native Content, Wild Gift Productions, and Filmsters Productions. She will continue her filmmaking journey after graduating in spring of 2024 with a BS in film.

This project was created as part of the JTWO [INC]ubator Project. A semester long internship program built from the ground up to give young filmmakers, content creators, and all around hungry for a challenge individuals a place to stretch their creative minds while preparing them for the road ahead.

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