Work Featured on New Story's Website

Global Community building charity organization, New Story has featured one of our latest Projects That Matter Initiative Collaborations with Redwood Gives Back on their website.

We recently travelled to Haiti with Redwood Gives Back to document their mission is to  build life-changing homes for families that have lost their homes in Haiti.  To help accomplish this goal, they have partnered with an amazing charity called New Story who has figured out a way to build simple concrete block homes with basic sanitation, running water and electricity for only $6,500. New Story has partnered with local organizations to secure land, hire local workers and build with local materials. So not only are they building homes for families, but also helping rebuild the economy and increase jobs for the Haitian people.

Every penny of the money donated through Redwood Gives Back to New Story will directly fund a new home. Even better, New Story will show us exactly which families we’ve helped once their new home has been fully constructed (which only takes a couple months). That means we’ll see the faces and know the names of the mom, dad, and kids we help.

To donate and watch the documentary, click the button below.