JTWO says "see ya soon" to Intern Alex Siwik

Not a goodbye, but a “see you soon.”

by Alex Siwik

During any typical week of a typical semester, my life would tend to feel a lot like the movie Groundhog Day. I was a trapped Bill Murray doing the same stuff everyday of every week. However, this semester was a lot different.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I spent my days with the folks at JTwo. Whether I was at the office or on a shoot, each day was different. I was no longer Bill Murray. One day I would be camera assisting or shooting product photos for Victus, and the next editing a new project. It was always interesting and kept me on my toes… not to mention, the people at JTwo are hilarious and very fun to work with.

They say you learn the most by doing things, which is certainly true. I learned a ton on set, but believe it or not, I also learned a whole lot just by eavesdropping on some of the conversations flying around the studio. I often found myself tuning in to Travis’s post-production-related talks and commands, usually not understanding some of the lingo, but by the end of my internship, I definitely gained a better understanding of workflow and the importance of being an organization freak. Although my career goals consist of me being a shooter, I feel that these things will help me in general in the long run.

JTwo wasn’t all about work all the time. We did some fun things together, such as go to the ADCP Louix Awards, where I had an embarrassing moment in which I went up to accept an award before our name was even called (Imagine if we didn’t win that award… Moral of the story: Open bars are cool, but don’t get too tipsy at award shows). The coolest thing about the Louix Awards though is that we shot the badass opening film that screened at the beginning of the ceremony, which was perhaps my favorite project I got to work on.

I also enjoyed our trip to DC for the Responsibility.org shoot with Summer Sanders and all the attorney generals. It was a long couple of days, but I got to stay in a pretty nice hotel and be surrounded by super official-looking people in suits. I shot and edited the behind-the-scenes video for the shoot. You can check it out on JTwo’s website or Vimeo page (No, this is not a shameless plug). 

At the end of my internship, Justin tested my abilities and sent me on a trip to Rehoboth, Delaware to shoot a video with Bringing Hope Home. I was totally nervous and afraid that I would screw something up, but everything ended up going very smoothly. It was awesome that the guys at JTwo felt they could trust me to go as a one-man-band and shoot something for them. 

To sum things up, my internship at JTwo was a great experience. When you hear the word “intern,” you may think of a student who is forced to do crap work and then is let go and forgotten about at the end, but at JTwo, I got to work on awesome, real stuff and was more than just an intern. I was part of the team and part of the family. My fellow interns, Ian and Kyung, were also great dudes and I plan staying in touch with them. I will already be coming back to JTwo’s office next week when the Movi Pro comes in, and then again to work with on the next Victus shoot. So yes, I may be shutting the door to my internship, but it is more like opening the door to an extended stay with the JTwo crew.

This project was created as part of the JTWO [INC]ubator Project. A semester long internship program built from the ground up to give young filmmakers, content creators, and all around hungry for a challenge individuals a place to stretch their creative minds while preparing them for the road ahead.

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JTWO Produces Philadelphia Flyers Post Season Hype Video

Following our recent win at the Louix Awards this February, The Philadelphia Flyers reached out to our team to produce their postseason playoff hype video.  They tasked us with creating an emotional, hard-hitting spot that would tell the story of the Flyers tumultuous season through specific moments throughout the year which ultimately culminated in a trip to the postseason. We made it our mission to scope out the craziest and most dedicated Flyers fans in the Greater Philadelphia area. Considering some daring new ink and a bold haircut, it’s safe to say the city did not disappoint. While not every fan made it into the final cut of the video, their commitment was not lost on us. Check out the :90 spot below.

ian schobel

JTWO Says Farewell to Intern Ian Schobel


by Ian Schobel

I wasn’t your first.

You told me to be sure this is what I want.

I found you online, all your awards on display, the screen grabs, and the bio.

“We are storytellers.”

I figured your inbox must be worse than the line to a Fortnite cosplay booth but still… I reached out cause I thought I had a shot. You agreed to meet me, you who were so no-nonsense, experienced, but not cynical. I wasn’t that thirsty but I was looking, and it felt like we had just enough in common, like it was the right time for both of us, you know?

You took my hand in yours and we agreed to see each other three days a week. You’d smile at me when I walked in. Me, always the boy too up-in-the-clouds to notice the signs, knew you had a thing for me right away, and after a couple weeks you hit me with that you’re-mine-this-right-here’s-the-real-deal nickname: sweat-boy.

I woulda come every day but you know those other classes had me locked down, forced me to commit early, made me hang out late, always sending me emails when I left, reminding me how important they were; cause I’d always talk about you.

Straight up, I cared about them. But not like you. They’d pout but they knew our thing really meant something, like when we drove down to Washington D.C. for Responsibility.org’s Ask, Listen, Learn shoot: a 12 hour day filming with 23 Attorney Generals, and gold-medal Olympian Summer Sanders. It was in the Ritz Carlton conference room, wrapping up the equipment check the night before, that I could see how proud you were that I wrote that script.

It was only supposed to last three months, but you trusted me to touch your software and let me write inside your server. I just want you to know I never took that for granted.

I don’t like to think about that first Wednesday in April, when, realizing the end of the semester meant the end of the internship, I read over the contract I signed three months ago. There, on the first page, it stated that two days from then, Friday, would, contractually, be my sending off. I got so caught up in the days together I didn’t have time to think about life without you.

But that’s it, we’re over, I’m not your intern anymore, and I suck at goodbyes. So maybe, let’s try again, when we’re ready.

This project was created as part of the JTWO [INC]ubator Project. A semester long internship program built from the ground up to give young filmmakers, content creators, and all around hungry for a challenge individuals a place to stretch their creative minds while preparing them for the road ahead.

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JTWO Redefines Victus Grit Series Brand



Victus is one of the leading wooden bat manufacturers in the world and used by Major League Players across America. So when they tasked us with expanding their product offerings and redefining their brand, we jumped at the chance.  Series, named after the Victus Grit Matte Bats was the first product category to launch.  The Grit Series took inspiration from the military and was designed with a utilitarian approach to offseason training. Every article of apparel or piece of gear would be inspired by this as we moved into the design phase.  Along with design, we produced several spots for a pre-launch Social Media campaign.  Check out the full length spot below.

JTWO Welcomes Associate Producer Brittany Bonanno

Introducing Brittany Bonanno

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our team and graduate of the [INC]ubator Project, Brittany Bonanno. With extensive experience in client services and social media content creation, Brittany has been brought on as our Associate Producer and head of Public Outreach. With a passion for people and film she is thrilled to be working with JTWO’s partners and collaborators to bring their visions to life.

Brittany has always been fascinated by the power of film. She loves the distance it takes our world and sees a sort of magic in the way it connects people. Studying the art at Rowan University, Brittany took up a knack for photojournalism, and upon graduation traveled to Western Ghana where she taught underprivileged youth and began her journey with the camera. Her biggest dream is to help restore humanity and she believes that film and photography play a monumental role in that.

In Brittany's Words

I appreciate film and photography because I believe they bring out a truth that society often tries to hide from. I think it’s important to expose the real world and show people that they’re not alone in adversity. The camera allows us to find balance and connection with each other, and I think that’s something our world could use right now.