Introducing Brittany Bonanno

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our team and graduate of the [INC]ubator Project, Brittany Bonanno. With extensive experience in client services and social media content creation, Brittany has been brought on as our Associate Producer and head of Public Outreach. With a passion for people and film she is thrilled to be working with JTWO’s partners and collaborators to bring their visions to life.

Brittany has always been fascinated by the power of film. She loves the distance it takes our world and sees a sort of magic in the way it connects people. Studying the art at Rowan University, Brittany took up a knack for photojournalism, and upon graduation traveled to Western Ghana where she taught underprivileged youth and began her journey with the camera. Her biggest dream is to help restore humanity and she believes that film and photography play a monumental role in that.

In Brittany's Words

I appreciate film and photography because I believe they bring out a truth that society often tries to hide from. I think it’s important to expose the real world and show people that they’re not alone in adversity. The camera allows us to find balance and connection with each other, and I think that’s something our world could use right now.